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BeachParty ... tactical SIGINT system

The war-fighter requires comprehensive situational awareness of the battle space, including: real time detection, geolocation, and identification of a myriad of RF emissions used by the enemy. BeachParty is a multi-node, ultra-wideband RF detection and geolocation system designed to provide quick response (seconds) indications of enemy or Blue Force RF activity as well as time series data capture for detailed analysis and exfiltration. The BeachParty system was contractor developed to provide a self-contained, comprehensive RF Situational Awareness capability to the front-line war-fighter.

It consists of multiple intercept nodes which can take on various forms to support the constraints of the terrain and the mission. Militarized versions of these nodes will be man-portable and expendable, and could be camouflaged to blend into the terrain. They interface to a central processing node via a very high bandwidth dedicated microwave link separate from other battlefield wireless communications. The Central Node is responsible for all detection, signal isolation, correlation, and geolocation processing. It provides data products in the form of time series data, geolocation observables, and geolocated detects.

A BeachParty spectrogram is shown below. Each intercept node produces its own digital IF data stream.

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